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annual August bargain

theory weeks


week one:16.8, 17.8, 19.8, 20.8 booking up already...

week two: 23.8, 24.8, 26.8, 27.8

12-bar blues


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workshop sessions


2021 from January all workshops are suspended.

Like some other parts of the music industry,

we are aiming at reintroducing:

- safe-practice face-to-face tuition from mid-April 2021;

workshop classes from this space;

& small live events from the end of the 'live music' space...

...& with enhanced safety measures in place.

Fretted Strings sight reading ensemble



Al Summers - rates vary - here's a guide: half-hour lesson £21 - hourly rate £40.

There are methods for paying less (e.g. loyal pupils paying batch fees in advance) or more (correcting poor 'youtube' instruction...) Lesson sessions include sheet/PDF music.

My regular 1-to-1 slots are fully booked;

some email or telephone consultancy available.  01985 211786

Thomas Hiscocks

30 mins £15

45 mins £20

60 mins £25

90 mins £35

120 mins £45

Danielle Giles

Specialisms: Music theory (ABRSM & LCM), clarinet, saxophone.

Fees: £32 per hour; £16 half-hour.