The website is currently - constantly! - changing. This is owing neither to Brexit nor to any coronavirus (be it CV19 or a common cold type). The software our site previously used was withdrawn. Thanks to Everweb selling us their software very reasonably & supporting us superbly, we can now rebuild, which we do - continually! Please check back for updates & further information.





music education - based primarily upon principles of kindness - in Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

This (heard July 2020 in our office car park):

"now that the pandemic is over..."

seems unrealistic.

We have opportunity to do things differently - better - whether it's gigs, shopping, education, simple courtesy or care.

MIA member

Lute Society member

tuition (online or in our town centre business premises)...

sales (NB we deal in new stock; do not generally buy or sell used)...

repairs: delivery & collection by strict appointment only.


We are preserving our strict measures - cleaning, space & time distancing - until further notice.

The Department for Health and Social Care (via media release 26th March 2021):

‘it may still be possible to pass the virus on to others after having the jab.’

MIA (April 2021):

There is no certainty at this stage that having a vaccination prevents the passing on of the virus.