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The following are among the best books I know*

Adam Levy: Play the Right Stuff

Creating Great Guitar Parts

(his Jazz Sight Reading book is excellent too)

Max Reger: Modulation (my favourite music book)

George Pratt: Dynamics of Harmony

Susan Froscher Weiss, Russell E Murray Jr, Cynthia J Cyrus

Music Education in the Middle Ages & the Renaissance

Steve Vai: Vaideology Basic Theory for Guitar Players

Hector Berlioz: Memoirs

Steve James: Fingerstyle Blues Songbook

Carrie Dunn: The Roar of the Lionesses

Arnold Schoenberg: Style & Idea


Models for Beginners in Composition

Björk: 34 scores

our best book of 2020

(maybe the best of the century so far):

Stevie Simkin: What Makes the Monkey Dance

*if you'd like to know why I think this, please ask.